En Route to Thailand via Qatar

I am starting a three-month trip to Thailand and am currently in Doha, Qatar awaiting my next flight.

The first thing I have noticed while travelling is people’s attitudes. Most people are light-spirited when they are going on holiday but when you meet long-term travellers it is something more. There seems to be an instant change to your outlook when you know you are taking control and on an adventure.

I flew from Manchester on Qatar Airways and while I wait for a connecting flight I caught up on some work. There is something refreshing about doing my usual work in unusual places. This is a fresh new motivation for me.

The flight over here was great; the in-flight entertainment was impressive for economy class. Films, games, documentaries and music on demand with your own screen and remote – great for geeks. Nice one Qatar Airways.

The food in Thailand is cheap and delicious

When I get to Bangkok in about 12 hours I will be going out for a meal and a few drinks with Tik & Martin for my first taste of Thailand. It is still feeling surreal for me and I can’t wait to just get stuck in.

I am flagging a bit now from lack of sleep but hopefully, I will find somewhere to watch the England game tonight, although it will be on at 2am Bangkok time.

I look forward to waking up to the sun.

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