The Bangkok Street Sellers

On every significant street in Bangkok (of which there are many) you will find an array of street sellers offering food, drinks and delicacies.

Just outside the apartment where I am staying is an array of carts offering Chicken Satay, Pad Thai, BBQ fish and chicken, iced fruit and even BBQ eggs. Around here it costs about 10 Baht (20p) for a generous portion of fruit, 30 Baht to 50 Baht (60p to £1) for Pad Thai and 30 Baht (60p) for a BBQ chicken leg.

The fruit is mainly pineapple, watermelon, papaya, rose apple and mango (sometimes offered unripe with chilli salt) which is well prepared and offered with a stick to eat on the go.

Raw mango is often eaten with a mixture of Chilli, Salt and Sugar

In the busier areas, the variety of food on offer is immense with everything from dried meat/fish to freshly opened coconuts to all kinds of curries and rice dishes. Some of the more exotic offerings include deep-fried grasshoppers and other bugs – many travellers I have spoken to consider these snacks as more for the tourist, although it is still something I intend to try.

Restaurants are of course a little more expensive but for between £5 and £10 you can eat like a king. When not eating alone it is custom to order lots of dishes and share them around – a great way to sample everything!

Sharing dishes is common in Thailand and means you can try everything!

I have barely had a bad meal yet but what I have noticed is I am no longer as excited about the food – you quickly become accustomed to the excellent cuisine. The heat is no doubt also a factor in curbing my appetite at the moment.

Regardless, I still look forward to eating and trying new things. I will be writing about the more exciting dishes and delicacies – coming soon, “Century Egg”!

A Century Egg has been cooked and aged in an alkaline solution, giving it a translucent dark jelly appearance and strong flavour.

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