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Travelling to South East Asia in November

In November I will be returning to Bangkok to start four months of travelling in South East Asia. My flight is booked and I will head out on the 8th before meeting with friends and starting a tour of Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and North Thailand.

During this trip, I am taking some time out from work completely so I can concentrate on travelling and seeing the countries. This is something that limited me slightly during my last trip to Thailand. While I loved being able to work and live in a different country, I still longed to leave it all behind and travel with a clear mind.

The plentiful longtail boats are a classic Thailand characteristic

This time we will also join the Full Moon Party on Had Rin Beach, Koh Phangan on New Year’s Eve. These parties are legendary and with some friends to go with this will be a highlight of the trip for sure.

Some changes this time around:

  • Backpack – I am travelling lighter and more efficiently this time
  • Walking Footwear – Trekking is on the agenda, so a good pair of these is essential
  • Couch Surfing – I have signed up for the website but never used it, and I intend to get involved this time
  • No Laptop – A brave decision… but for a number of weeks, I will be backpacking and won’t have room for expensive equipment
  • Language – I am going to improve my Thai before and during my trip
  • More blogging – I will keep this very blog up to date more often
  • Better Pictures – A new camera will hopefully result in better and more pictures

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  1. It’s nice to see your plan. I can support you with Thai, CS (plz send your request though) and better pictures during 6-12 Dec 😀

  2. Your gone for christmas 🙁 this makes me sad. Where will we send your presents. You best keep in touch with santa or someone else will get them lol. So far carey your trip looks very very exciting and no work for a few weeks that is going to be weird for you hun. But still i hope you have a awesome time. P.s i want a monkey like the one in your car!

  3. That sounds mint! Good on you for not taking the laptop.
    The problem I had when I was doing my blog in Asia was I was spending all my time in internet cafes writing it! Sounds obvious really but I’ve learnt to write down as much as I can down on paper first, that way you save a bit of money and get to sit out watching the world go by as you write!
    Cheers for the comment by the way. Another thrilling instalment coming soon!

  4. That is a good idea. I like to write as well so sitting on a beach doing my blog posts is a great idea (plus I can keep track of what I have done if I can’t get to the internet!).
    The bartering I do mostly enjoy. I like the game! But then sometimes I do just want to buy something and don’t want the hassle. Depends what mood I am in!

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