Monkey on a Motorbike in Koh Chang

There is a Monkey on my Motorbike

On my first day in Koh Chang, an island in the North East area of Thailand, I rented a motorbike and set out to explore.

After picking up some coconut oil and taking a few photos, I stopped for lunch. The Kao Phad Kung (prawn fried rice) was delicious, and I followed it with a cooling coconut shake.

I returned to find a monkey sitting on my motorbike and staring straight at me.

“How cute,” I said to myself. “Ok, shoo now, little monkey, I want my bike back.” I continued optimistically.

If monkeys could speak, this one would have replied with a firm “NO”. Instead of engaging me in conversation, he reared up at me and bared his teeth.

A passer-by tried to help by enthusiastically beeping at it from his monkey-free motorbike. The monkey carried on regardless and was soon joined by his friends.

An even bigger monkey jumped onto my bike’s steering column, pulled the mirror around and gazed longingly into his reflection. A little baby monkey clambered on and relived itself all over my seat.

Finally, they got bored and chased some other food-carrying tourists, and I scooted off to explore the rest of the island.

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