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Staying at Kiri Tawan in Koh Phangan, Thailand

The sunsets in Koh Phangan, Thailand, are always memorable.

I captured this timelapse from my balcony while staying at Kiri Tawan in the Baan Kai area, southeast of the island.

This was my home for about five weeks, around April 2022. They have several houses high up in the mountain, more down on the ground level, a shared infinity pool, and lots of friendly dogs.

I took a house high up, and the daily walk up kept me fit… but the view was worth it.

April is a hot time in the south of Thailand.

In previous years, I left when the temperatures rose way past 32 celsius.

This year, staying high up in the mountains, it was much easier to sleep through the heat, and the mornings brought fresh cool air.

The sunsets are best spent with an ice-cold beer in the higher-up infinity pool. It’s shared, but I didn’t see anyone else using it for the 5 weeks I stayed.

As you can see in the photos, these houses have stunning floor-to-ceiling windows… but if you forget to close the curtains, they let in the blazing sun during the day and trap the heat like a greenhouse.

The mountain houses were built just before Covid hit and still feel brand new.

However, look closely, and you will find loose cables, sticky doors, clumsy paintwork, broken tiles and other shortcuts.

TIT (This Is Thailand)… if you have spent any time here, you will know what I mean, and unless you are very particular, you learn to barely notice.

And who cares about that stuff when you can step onto the beach every night to see this?

The Koh Phangan sunsets never get old.

The location felt far away from my favourite kitesurfing beach, football pitch and gym/yoga/meditation areas.

But it helped me see a different side of the island from higher up in the mountains. The air feels cleaner, and the birds sing louder.

Kiri Tawan is a beautiful, peaceful, and natural place to stay. The owners are amiable, speak excellent English and do everything to make your stay as great as possible.

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